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Who We Are


Our mission is to be a community in which people of all ages, races, cultures and economic conditions are bonded to God and to one another through Jesus Christ, and together continue His work and promote His message of salvation.

To fulfill this mission we aspire to do the following:

Worship God joyfully. We will celebrate the love of God through worship that draws our church community together in a public expression of adoration and praise that is inter-generational and multi-ethnic.

Study the Bible diligently. We will immerse ourselves in Scripture and provide the tools, guidance, faith-building experiences, and teaching to be genuine apprentices of Christ, growing into his likeness and ministry.

Relate to one another lovingly. We will nurture loving relationships, practice mutual accountability, and serve one another as we together pursue a journey of faith.

Serve the needs of our neighbors compassionately. We will reach out to our diverse local community -- the disenfranchised, young families, the campus communities, longtime residents, internationals -- to care for people's physical and spiritual needs.

Share the good news of God's saving work. We will seek to share the good news of God's saving, redeeming, and reconciling work in a gracious manner to everyone in our community, and as we are enabled, to the world.