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Jonathan Speck

Elders form the governing body (session) of the church, overseeing all congregational activity in order to maintain the spiritual well-being of the church. Elders also are responsible for overseeing the physical property and finances of the church.

Session Officers
Allyson Talbot - Clerk of Session
Scott Meyer - Treasurer

Board of Elders
Scott Meyer
Hans Rauch
Allyson Talbot
Joe Nath
David Richards
Chip Staddon

Deacons minister to the physical needs of Woodland's members. Among their activities are providing assistance in times of illness or difficulty, preparing communion and providing a coffee hour after the Sunday service.

Nancy Nath - Moderator
Marcie Robb Staddon - Vice Moderator

Board of Deacons
Alice Bigbee
Betty Mitchell
Nancy Nath
Marcie Robb Staddon
Henry Hoff
Antonia Tucker
Joseph Clampitt